Northwood Asset Management Group (NAMG), a nationally licensed, professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances, announces the expansion of our services to include automotive loan and lease recovery. We develop customized solutions for automotive lenders that increase compliance and improve performance during the collections process. We are meticulous in the management of accounts and are committed to delivering the highest-quality customer service consumers expect from us.

Offering Automotive Finance Solutions

When consumers stop making payments and default on their loans and leases, we can help creditors and their customers resolve the situation. The rules and regulations surrounding the collection of delinquent automotive accounts is different in many jurisdictions and may require swift action and precise documentation. We have established the processes and procedures that enable our team to efficiently recover your missing funds.

Optimizing Technology to Drive Success 

Managing delinquencies can be a challenge for auto finance companies and is generally not part of their core business. We offer data-driven strategies and leverage state-of-the-art technology to drive increased recovery results and improved customer satisfaction. We automate notifications and communicate through the consumer’s preferred communication channel to drive response and account resolution. Our professional auto recovery team has the experience and professionalism to manage your reputation, mitigate risk, and deliver bottom-line financial results.

Consumer-Centric Services

We work hard to find mutually beneficial solutions between creditors and account holders so both parties can move forward. Our consumer-centric approach focuses on treating everyone with courtesy and respect while demonstrating compliance with data protection principles and the latest developments in compliance. Our professional account representatives participate in regular training to stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations as well as develop a deeper understanding of client parameters, maintain tact and sensitivity, and know how/when to demand payment.

Developing New Opportunities for Our Valued Clients

Our new focus on automotive services allows us to provide clients with opportunities to build cash flow from non-performing auto portfolios. As we grow, we will continue to offer our clients the support they need while attracting new business through our wide array of account resolution services.

For more information about our services, please visit our website, email our team at or contact us by phone at 866-432-3368.

About Northwood Asset Management Group

Northwood Asset Management Group (NAMG) is a nationally-licensed, professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances. We are committed to delivering services with professionalism, respect, and complete compliance. NAMG actively gives back to the communities we serve while working hard to find mutual agreements between creditors and account holders that enable both parties to move forward. The company was founded in 2012 and is located in Williamsville, NY.