Update 3/19/2021: While we will not be attending the RMAI 2021 annual conference in-person this year, we continue to be active members of RMAI, and we encourage you to connect with us on LinkedIn for virtual networking opportunities. Receivables Management Association International distributes important industry news and regulatory updates. Our membership keeps us current with important news and information. Northwood Asset Management Group supports RMAI and their advocacy efforts and encourages others to become members.

As a professional, nationally licensed collection agency, strong creditor partner relationships are a key factor in our success. One of the ways Northwood Asset Management Group (NAMG) develops and grows these relationships is through face-to-face networking events. The 2020 RMAI Annual Conference in Las Vegas is the receivables industry’s biggest networking opportunity of the year and one event that we don’t miss!

The Receivables Management Association International’s (RMAI) Annual Conference takes place during the first week of February and is the premier event for the receivables management industry. The conference gathers professionals from across all sectors of the receivables industry: debt buyers, originating creditors, collection agencies, law firms, brokers, and affiliates. Northwood Asset Management Group’s President, Andrew Fanelli, discussed the event and the many benefits of conference attendance.

“The networking events at the RMAI Annual Conference bring together innovative and knowledgeable experts from all across the receivables management industry in a less formal atmosphere. It is an incredible opportunity to meet and exchange information with like-minded and accomplished professionals from across the world. At this year’s conference, the NAMG team forged new relationships, strengthened existing friendships, and potentially opened a wealth of future opportunities,” says President Fanelli.

“The Annual Conference provides incomparable networking opportunities like the networking breakfasts, networking lunches, New Member/1st Time Attendee lunch, networking breaks, and the Suite Crawl. We appreciate the open exchange of information and face-to-face connections that the conference provides,” continues President Fanelli. “We hope that the connections we made this year will mature into lifelong connections, providing not only friendships but also mutually beneficial business relationships. While these personal connections at the conference are invaluable, our team understands that it’s what comes next that makes these networking moments so crucial– staying in touch after the conclusion of the conference to build our network and continue to grow our business.”

As an active member of RMAI, Northwood Asset Management participates in industry conferences, events, and educational opportunities to stay on top of regulatory changes, innovations in technology, industry trends, and compliance updates. With a focus on the consumer, NAMG delivers customized receivables solutions that create success for our creditor partners.

About Receivables Management Association International

Formerly DBA International, the Receivables Management Association International is a nonprofit trade association that represents more than 550 member companies and supports the purchase, sale, and collection of receivables in the secondary market. The Association constantly works to provide members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities. RMAI was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

About Northwood Asset Management Group

Founded in 2012, Northwood Asset Management Group (NAMG) is a nationally-licensed, professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances. We believe in our people and our mission and work hard to find mutual agreements between creditors and account holders so both parties can move forward. Northwood is committed to delivering services with professionalism, respect, and complete compliance. For more information, follow us on Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIn.