Northwood Asset Management Group, a nationally licensed third-party debt collection company, is excited to celebrate its 7th Anniversary. Since its beginnings, NAMG has seized opportunities to grow both within the industry and the Buffalo community.

Company President, Andrew Fanelli, remarked, “As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we are grateful for our many clients who allow us the opportunity to serve them and provide a reliable and compliant collections solution. We also reflect on our many talented employees who have served the company and worked to help our consumers in their return to financial health. Northwood Asset Management has dedicated ourselves to delivering compliant and high-quality services to our clients and consumers. Throughout the upcoming year, we will be reflecting on where we started, our accomplishments across the last seven years, and developing plans for our future.”

Since 2012, Northwood Asset Management Group (NAMG) has become a member of both Receivables Management Association International and ACA International. Membership in both of these leading industry associations provides NAMG with the information and education that is essential to stay at the forefront of compliance, technology, and innovation.

Among its many achievements the past 7 years, Northwood Asset Management has engaged in philanthropic efforts to help the most vulnerable in our community. Supporting Stop Abuse, a non-profit organization that provides essential safety information regarding child sexual abuse, NAMG helps to further the efforts of Stop Abuse and teach children how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.

Northwood Asset Management Group also demonstrates its commitment to assisting consumers through sharing relevant information and constantly improving the consumer experience. In efforts to share important information on financial literacy and other important topics, the company  recently launched a new website,, and increased social media presence on the Northwood Asset Management Group Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

“In looking forward from this milestone,” President Fanelli continues, “We are driven by our mission. We work hard to achieve a favorable resolution between creditors and account holders so both parties can move forward. Northwood Asset Management Group is committed to delivering our services with professionalism, respect, and complete compliance to navigate industry regulatory changes and continue to build on our success.”

About Northwood Asset Management Group

Located in Buffalo, NY, Northwood Asset Management Group is a nationally licensed third-party debt collection company that strives to deliver professional and reliable debt recovery solutions that assist consumers and creditors with achieving a favorable resolution. The company is committed to delivering services with professionalism, respect, and complete compliance.