Did you hear? Northwood Asset Management Group is on social media!

Northwood Asset Management Group is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We want to connect with our consumers and social media allows us to connect everywhere at any time. With links to our website, our new social media accounts provide another method for consumers to find out more about us, connect to our payment portal, and contact us.


Are you on Facebook? Head over to our page, Northwood Asset Management Group, and like us! You’ll get company updates, consumer information, and all of our latest news– right in your news feed.


LinkedIn is where the professionals connect. Our team of debt collection professionals want to connect with you. Search for Northwood Asset Management Group on LinkedIn and let’s start connecting!


Get our news, updates, and more straight from your Twitter feed. Just follow @NorthwoodAsset to stay up-to-date with the latest from Northwood Asset Management Group.

Northwood Asset Management Group is committed to providing our consumers with respectful and professional customer service. Our Social Media accounts provide consumers with another way to reach out to us, 24 hours a day. Follow us today!

About Northwood Asset Management Group

Northwood Asset Management Group strives to deliver debt recovery solutions that assist consumers and creditors with achieving a favorable resolution. We are committed to delivering our services with professionalism, respect, and complete compliance. Northwood Asset Management Group is located in Buffalo, NY.