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Northwood Asset Management believes that understanding the credit and debt collection process is essential for achieving financial wellness. Our list of free, online consumer resources provides important information on financial literacy, credit reporting, and even complaint resolution.

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Debt Collection

We provide creditors with debt collection services that are compliant with the FDCPA and other applicable laws. Our team provides a balanced approach between debt collector and customer service representative to deliver respectful and exceptional service.

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Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection agency with decades of experience in providing high-quality, compliant debt collection services that help creditors and consumers resolve outstanding accounts.

Respectful Debt Collection Services

Northwood Asset Management Group provides professional debt collection services you can trust. We deliver respectful customer service that is compliant with applicable laws and adheres to our high ethical standards for service. Our proven strategic collection solutions utilize our knowledge and extensive experience to help recover unpaid accounts receivable for creditors while providing excellent customer service to account holders.

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Who is Northwood Asset Management Group?

Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we frequently hear from consumers.

Why is Northwood Asset Management Group on my credit report?2020-07-30T10:40:31-04:00

We report to the credit bureaus on behalf of our creditor clients. If Northwood Asset Management Group appears on your credit report, an account matching your information was placed with our office for collections and we have reported the status of that account to the credit bureaus.

If you would like to discuss options for resolving your account and have the status updated on your credit report, we invite you to contact our office to discuss options for resolving the outstanding balance. You can call our offices at 855-200-5999 to speak with a representative about your account.

How can I make payments on my account?2020-07-30T10:39:28-04:00

We accept payments over the phone and through the mail. Payments by phone can be made using a debit card, credit card, or a check. Through the mail, we accept checks and money orders; please do not mail cash, and be sure to include your account number when mailing your payment. For more information about the options available for making a payment on your account, please visit our Payments page for more information.

What is the Phone Number for Northwood Asset Management?2020-07-30T10:34:34-04:00

Our representatives are available Monday – Thursday from 8:30AM-7PM, and Friday from 8am – 5:30pm ET to assist consumers. To speak with a member of our team, please call our toll-free phone number:


What is Northwood Asset Management Group?2020-07-30T10:33:37-04:00

Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection company based in Williamsville, NY. We work for banks, finance companies, and other creditors and assist them with contacting consumers and resolving outstanding balances. Our team has expertise working with credit cards, auto loans, short-term consumer loans, and many other types of consumer credit accounts.

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