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Consumers have a right to understand the credit and debt collection process. Our list of consumer resources helps with financial education, credit reporting, and even complaint resolution.

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Debt Collection

We provide creditors with debt collection services that are compliant with the FDCPA and other applicable laws. Our team provides a balanced approach between debt collector and customer service representative.

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Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection agency with decades of experience providing high-quality debt collection services and resolving accounts.

Respectful Debt Collection Services

Northwood Asset Management Group provides professional debt collection services you can trust. We deliver respectful customer service that is compliant with applicable laws. Our proven strategic collection solutions utilize our knowledge and extensive experience to help recover unpaid accounts receivable for creditors while providing excellent customer service to account holders.

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Who is Northwood Asset Management Group?

Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances.

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Northwood Asset Management Group is proud to support Stop Abuse, an organization that teaches children how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.


Our new website shares important consumer, company, and contact information. Optimized for client and consumer accessibility, our new website is fully responsive from every device including smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.


Branding Arc has been in integral part of our digital marketing. Read more about the services they provide to keep Northwood Asset Management Group on the cutting-edge of the collections industry.

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