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Northwood Asset Management Group believes that understanding credit and the debt collection process is essential for achieving financial goals and overall financial health. Our list of free, online consumer resources provides important information on financial literacy, credit reporting, and even complaint resolution.

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Debt Collection

We provide creditors with debt collection services that are compliant with the FDCPA and all state and federal regulatory requirements. Our team provides a balanced approach between performance r and excellent customer service eto deliver respectful and exceptional resolutions.

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Headquartered in Williamsville, NY, Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection agency with decades of experience in providing high-quality, compliant debt collection services to assist creditors and consumers resolve outstanding accounts.

Respectful Debt Collection Services

Northwood Asset Management provides trustworthy professional debt collection services. We deliver respectful customer service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations while maintaining high ethical standards for service. Our proven strategic collection solutions utilize our knowledge and extensive experience to help recover unpaid accounts receivable for creditors while providing excellent customer service to account holders.

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Who is Northwood Asset Management Group?

Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional third-party debt collection company representing creditors in the resolution of account balances.

Featured Articles


View our blog post, “5 Ways to Benefit from Resolving Your Debt.” Here we provide information and guidance for consumers regarding debt resolution.

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